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Hi, I’m very worried for my cat right now.. he has what appears to be a bend about 3 inches away from the base of his tail.. its a possibility that it may be broken/ sprained or possibly fractured. I did alot of research on this and generally when a cat breaks their tail it can be serious. Now most if not all the sites said if it is broken he may have issues with his back legs and his bodily functions, but from what I’ve gathered his back legs work the same and he still plays all day. He has used his litter without any issues a few times since I’ve noticed the injury yesterday morning. I also read alot of things saying the tail may have to be amputated and in some cases euthanasia is imminent. I don’t have a bunch of money to take him to the vet seeing as it the Christmas season and i wanted to beat the rush..
Could i make a type of cast for Nismo? I have cat painkillers from when he got neutered.. I’m really worried
please someone shed some light, I can get pics, give more info anything.. I’m in desperate need of solid answers
he will let me touch his tail, although the first time I pet it he will make strange noises (Maine coon) but he will allow me to continue petting it
I have owned cats since I was 3 which is over 20 years, I am very knowledgeable when it comes to cats, but I’ve never had cat with an injury like this.. what I mean is cat with broken tails will be defensive, Nismo is not, he has complete control of his body, and he hasn’t gotten fecal or urine in his fur

Thanks in advance

12/04/13  08:39am


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  Message To: BowserHungry   In reference to Message Id: 2302508


It’s been a month and it’s a bit sad that no one replied to this.

But seriously, man. If you broke your arm, or your own tailbone, you’d go to a doctor. The cat needed a doctor when it hurt its tail. If you did nothing and the cat’s still around, then it’s likely healed by now with the kink still in tact. If the fur’s come off the tail, you should still go see a vet for the dead part to be amputated.

Otherwise, cats get tail injuries. Especially if they’re outdoor cats, what with cars and fights and falls and the tight places they can squeeze into around the neighborhood. At the farm, I see cats with random tail injuries. Since they’re wild, the farm cats are impossible to catch sanely without a trap and the tail usually goes unaided. Normally it just keeps the kink or the wound falls into necrosis and falls off. The cat resumes their life regardless. If this was a cat I personally owned, however. A cat I could catch. I’d immediately say Screw it to vet bills and take it in. A vet trip to save a loved one is FAR more important than a box with a shirt or xbox game in it.

01/05/14  02:32pm

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