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 Cats fighting?


I live in an area where there are a lot of stray and feral cats. In the last couple of days, I decided to take one of them in as a pet. He’s a kitten of 6 months. He’d been around the garden for a couple of months and has always got along fine with the other cats that hang around.

However, about a week ago, one of the other cats kept trying to mount the kitten, we thought. We thought the kitten was a girl so we took her to be neutered and discovered it was actually a boy. We then decided to keep him and started to bring him into the house so that he would get used to it and feeding him more. Since then, the cat who initially was giving him trouble has been even worse with him and the other cat is quite violent with him as well. I don’t know if the other two cats are male or not, but they are quite a bit older than the kitten.

When they attack him, they sort of bite him around the neck and hold him in place with their paw. He always starts meowing really loudly when it happens and have to chase the other cats off. It is difficult to control as the kitten is still only getting used to the house and so he doesn’t like to be inside for a long time unless someone is giving him loads of attention. However, we are all college students so we don’t have time to be giving him all the attention that he craves and then he starts to try jumping out of closed windows and we have to let him out and then the cats attack him again. It’s a vicious cycle!

I was wondering if anyone knew why the other cats would be acting like this and if there’s anything I can do to get them to stop? I thought that it may be because the kitten would have our scent on him or something like that but it was happening even before we decided to take him in.

I’d appreciate any input you have. Sorry that this is really long, I just wanted to explain the situation as best I could!


01/27/12  06:04pm


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  Message To: Lenee   In reference to Message Id: 2253010

 Cats fighting?

It all has to do with territory. He’s ’new’ to the neighborhood, just having started maturity at 6 months (yes, they can start putting off scents and screwing females that young), and the other male cats are telling him that this is THEIR territory and he’s seriously not welcome. It’s also an initiation sort of thing. They’re telling him they they are above him, older than him, and stronger than him. If he tries any funny stuff, which he probably is trying, they can and will mess him up.

I’ve seen this happen with indoor cats, too. A young cat will mess around and act like he’s all tough and mighty with another, older cat. And the older cat will have enough, pin them down and bite at the scruff. The younger cat then cries out and squirms until he’s eventually let go.

That’s not to say something terrible wont happen. There are some pretty ugly male cats out there.

The best thing to do is to get your cat fixed anyway. That will lessen his spraying and screwing urges, and will get the other cats to lay off. He will also have less of a chance of getting wanderlust later in age. You can also, optionally, set out traps and catch the other two males that are picking on him and have the shelter fix them for you as well. Trap and release. It really helps keep cat colonies under control.

Also, and I can’t stress this enough, if you’re living there temporarily (like at a dorm) and you graduate school, take the cat with you. There are enough temporarily loved stray cats out there at college dorms that are then abandoned and start starving to death waiting for their owners to come back. Who knows how nice the next inhabitant will be to him?

01/28/12  12:39pm

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