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Hi there,

i think theres a problem with my 8 yr old cat olyve... he has always been a very good cudly playful cat, him and my other cat jelly used to chase each other around the house all crazy like, but he hasnt been like that lately.for the past few weeks he seems like he just wants time alone because he hides and lays down alot,he doesnt come running when i walk in the door or call him, he doesnt play with our other cat, he doesnt come for snuggles as much either. he has lost quite a bit of weight over last few weeks, and a few days ago he started violently scratching his shoulders and neck area(as far back as he can reach). i noticed a scab on his shoulder a few days ago and now noticed another on his back. i have checked them both several times for fleas and nothing.(theyre both indoor). my other cat seems normal. he still eats, drinks and goes to the bathroom normal so i dont know. right now we just cant afford a trip to the vet, so i was wondering if anyone had this problem and knows a sloution?
thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this:)

01/04/12  06:43pm


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Even if you can’t afford the vet right now, it’s the place to go for this sort of thing. Cats are extremely good at hiding problems, right up until they’re really sick. If your cat is no longer acting normal and is hiding/sleeping/not being active instead, there may be something internally going on that’s making him sick. Losing weight can be a sign of anything, but can also be everything from parasites to cancer to kidney failure as well. And the vet will find this out for you. Male cats can also get stones, which make them hurt real good and can eventually block up his urinary tract so he can no longer piss. And when that happens you’d have to find a lot more vet money a lot quicker to treat it.

If a cat gets sick to a point, they may not groom as much. The build-up of grime and unwashed kitty fur can cause the skin to itch, especially around the face (as that’s where they eat and all). That’s if it isn’t earmites, which the vet can very easily treat. If it isn’t earmites and he’s going to have a continued problem with grooming, it may be best to give him a quick wash-down with kitten shampoo, then dry him up and give his coat a thorough brush-down.

01/04/12  08:20pm

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