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 Poop issue

here we go againnn

this morning i walked past one of the litter boxes and almost fell over at how bad it smelled. i went to scoop and found a fresh poop in there but it was really loose and mushy, and was basically just light brown goo with blood mixed in it. he showed no sign of straining to go, and has been acting completely normal. usually if his tummy bothers him or if he is finicky about the litter box, he goes in the bathtub so i know something is up. but not this time, he just went like normal. still eating and drinking normal.

i wonder if it could be a change in food? i just started feeding both dry and wet food. purina one dry in the morning, and a little dry and a can of friskies wet at night for both my cats. i havent had a chance to see if my other cat is having the same problem. i just happened to catch liam as the culprit for the loose bloody poop.

any suggestions? ive read that bloody stool can be both harmless, or life threatening so im not sure what i should do at this point. this is the first time ive seen this with either of them.

i also thought that maybe liam ate something that was causing him to have bloody stool because its not unusual to chew on clothes and eat little bits. but hes always passed everything just fine and lately ive been hiding everything he could get a hold of because he chewed up my favorite dress like 2 months ago. i really doubt that its something like that but i dont know. i really want to avoid going to the vet unless i have to. im getting married in a month and i cant afford vet bills right now!

11/07/11  12:15pm


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 Poop issue

also, non intentionally, i changed his food kinda abruptly. i went to buy a new bag of food yesterday and bought the purina one thinking thats what i had been feedign them. really it was just normal purina cat chow. so possibly with the combination of feeding the purina one suddenly and the friskies wet food also all in one day, that could have messed with his stomach? there was a lot of diarrhea there so maybe it caused irritation and the little bit of bleeding. it wasnt like a super dark red but it wasnt light pink either. there was no sign of worms or anything either. it was just your average red i guess. hes playing normal so idkk. im gonna keep an eye on it and check the litter box and be checking him.

11/07/11  12:42pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: Lconn1   In reference to Message Id: 2243379

 Poop issue

Well the Purina One is a higher quality of food than the Purina Cat Chow. The One is a meat based food where as the Cat Chow is a corn based food. You can look at the back of the bag and what the food is mostly made of will be the first ingredient. The highest quality of Purina would be the Pro Plan. I work at a vet and we have 2 cats there that are on it...and they do great...their coats are SOOO shiny. With it being a higher nutrition, that means you feed less. One of our cats weighs 13lbs, and the other is still a kitten and weighs 9.8lbs-just weighed them yesterday for their flea/heartworm prevention. They both get 1/4 cup twice a day. Sometimes cats will need more than this but these guys were getting really fat so we had to cut them back.

Switching foods at any time can cause diarrhea, loose stools, and sometimes some blood as well. Especially when the grade of nutrition is that much different. Also, the wet food either needs to stop, or you should get the same brand. My vet actually doesn’t even recommend wet food at all. It’s mainly made up of water. I do give my cat wet food as treats sometimes because he loves it so much...but it’s not his regular food.

Another thing that can cause what you’re explaining is intestinal parasites; hookworms is my first thought there. Hooks will cause bloody stools...and easy to transmit because they absorb through skin. Normally through the bottom of an animal’s feet. Another thing that seems to be common with cats is coccidia...which will cause a light brown/yellowish stool that is loose and can even become watery. Most of the time coccidia will fix itself in cats (not in dogs though), but sometimes needs to be treated.

Best advice...see your vet for an exam and a fecal!

12/02/11  11:42pm

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