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 Tips on Introducing my dog to a kitten?

My dog is 4 years old & she is our princess! I also look after a large family of feral cats. The cats live in my shed & i have had them all neutered. My dog goes crazy when she sees the cats so i can’t let my dog out the back garden anymore, but she is able to go out to the front garden & she gets at least 3 walks a day.

But my dog really goes ballistic when she sees a cat in the garden, She bars & jumps at the window! But when i have my dog out on a walk she often meets other cats & she is fine with them, i keep her on a lead but she will go right up to a cat & sniff the cat, so it seems that she justs hates cats in her garden!

So here is my problem, i would love to rescue a kitten but i don’t know how my dog will react? I would hate to rescue a kitten only to have to give it back coz my dog won’t accept it into the house. When i was a child we had a cat & a dog at home, but we’d got the cat first.

Does anyone have any advise on getting dogs to accept cats into the home? Or is it a bad idea? It would be so great if they got along! :)

11/05/11  08:47pm


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 Tips on Introducing my dog to a kitten?

Your dog is territorial. That’s the only reason that she will bark and get all out aggressive at the cats in the backyard and hate them for being there, but will be fine with cats outside of ’her territory’.

Either way, if you know your dog is piss-poor with cats in your home/backyard, then I really suggest you avoid bringing one into the home. The dog may get worse over it, or may think you’re trying to replace it. Then you’d have to deal with ’the cat having its own room’ or ’the dog getting gated off to certain areas of the home’ and that’s never a good thing.

11/06/11  11:46am


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2243272

 Tips on Introducing my dog to a kitten?

Yep i am fully aware that my dog is being territorial, most animals are, but i’m looking for tips off people on how to introduce my dog to a new kitten!

As i suspected there is a new feral kitten in my shed. I have had all of the feral cats that live in my garden neutered, but there is one female that kind’a comes & goes who i haven’t managed to catch (YET! :) ) to have neutered. Well she has had a kitten, just the one! I’d say it is about 5 weeks old. So when he is 8 weeks old i am going to take him in & tame him! Hopefully then my dog will except the kitten, if not i will find the kitten a nice & loving home!

I couldn’t bare for this little fella to have to live out doors in the winter. I do my best for the other feral cats, but they are totally wild & seem to want to live out doors. They have all seen a vet & the have a constant supply of food & water. I have also made them winter beds & i have put them into my shed for them, they can come & go to the shed when ever they please. I love every single one of these feral cats.

Sadly my neighbors are not as fond of feral cats, in the past someone poisoned 3 kittens who were only 3months old :( So i reported to the police what happened & i wrote a letter up about the feral cats explaining that they have all been vaccinated & neutered, i also explained that it is illegal to poison any animal! I printed the letter off & posted it into all my neighbors in the hopes that they will stop hating the cats!

Fingers crossed no cats have been poisoned since, but this new kitten is the first kitten since the poisoning, so i am very worried that this might happen again! So it is in the kittens best interest that he either comes to live with me or else i’ll find him another loving new home.

I know that many people have successfully introduced dogs & kittens many times, even dogs who hate cats often end up becoming best friends with cats! I am not the first person to do this. But if anyone has any positive tips please let me know!!!

Thank~you!!! :) :) :)

11/12/11  03:47pm

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