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 Food question

right now i feed my cats dry food with the occasional treat of a can of wet food but im debating feeding them both. whats the best way to do this/is it even a good idea? i noticed that whenever they get the wet food, the next few days they hardly touch their dry food hoping theyll get more wet food. i dont want them to get addicted since wet food is so much more expensive. any thoughts? is it really bad to just feed them dry food? i heard theyll have a lot of issues in the future but ive also heard that wet food has a lot of water and not as much nutrition. so confuseddd.

10/16/11  08:22pm


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 Food question

I’ve found that it’s best to give wet food and dry food in separate bowls. Dry food only can lead to problems with dehydration and piss crystals (especially in male cats). However feeding only wet food for the duration of the cat’s life will lead to tooth loss (Trust me... I know... It was not fun to deal with.)

It’s okay if the cat chooses the wet, so long as you leave out the dry as an option. The only time this wont work is if your cats are all obese and will devour all food at all times.

The best option is to give a high quality no-grain dry food for when they do eat it. I use Taste of the Wild right now. You can get a decent-sized bag of it for 10 bucks. I leave it in one of those ’self filling’ containers. For wet food, good quality is spiffy as well - but can be so freaking expensive. So I stick with Friskies or Whiskas. Occasionally I’ll throw in wetfood the vet gave my one cat for her kidney problems, and high quality stuff like Evo or BFF, maybe once a week. I feed wetfood in the morning, and the cats usually devour it all in the first hour, then snack out on the good dry stuff for the rest of the day.

That’s all the first-hand advice I can offer on the matter.

10/22/11  10:33pm

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