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 Just read a post about a rag doll who wasn’t happy mine is miserable

My little Buddha - 5 months old came from a reputable breeder who has told me something went wrong
genetically and she will replace him - this is pretty hard when I love him. He does not act like a rag doll
he wants out, he cries at the window, he isn’t floppy he actually doesn’t want his stomach rubbed and reacts like a regular cat when I try and rag dolls supposedly for the most part go limp and love to cuddle. I play with him he has every toy imaginable. I built an outside wire safe place on my balcony and he is still not happy. Does anyone know if rag dolls are really different? I am very unhappy because he is so restless and don’t know what to do. I have tried the leash as well. My sister said she would take him and watch him and her little girl would put him on a leash and I know he would have a good home but now I am kind of freaked out about getting another and trying again. Any rag doll owners out there with happy indoor mellow cats? Please help!

10/14/11  09:03pm


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  Message To: Dona   In reference to Message Id: 2240522

 Just read a post about a rag doll who wasn’t happy mine is miserable

all cats are cats. No matter what the breed. Yes some breeds tend to have different traits than other but that doesnt mean that every ragdoll wants to cuddle. Every animal has its own personality.

take ball pythons. Generally they are relaxed snakes and they curl up in a ball when they are scared. I have heard that they tend to be finicky eaters in some cases. I have 2 ball pythons, one loves to cuddle and climb and he hangs around my neck while i do the dishes. The other hates to climb and stays on the floor, has a ferocious feeding response and has bitten me 4 times.

Dont just get rid of the cat because it doesnt have the personality you expected of it. that isnt fair to the cat. These animals cant choose where they go so it is our job to care for them treat them how they want to be treated.

It seems you just have a cat! Treat it like a cat and keep it :)

10/16/11  11:54am

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