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Jamie king
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 Save the bigg cats from extinction

Im posting this add to see how many people actualey care about the big cats like tiger and lepord it makes me so anguary that people hunt tiger just for thier skin and bones thiere is no money in the meet and most people that hunt tiger a nearley extinced animal are not very well educated and dont even no thiers a law against it pleas help by donating to the wwf becouse your children might grow up to ask you what was a tiger not what is a tiger thanks bye

04/23/11  09:30am


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  Message To: Jamie king   In reference to Message Id: 2215632

 Save the bigg cats from extinction

Right now the problem isn’t ’tigers being hunted to extinction in the wild’ than it is ’tiger farming’. There are more tigers in captivity than the wild. It’s not like we’re having breeding problems with the tiger like we are with the panda or whale. And what tigers in the wild, while hunting is still an issue, are being screwed over by the wild being cut down and turned into farms and houses. And that’s more a population problem with China than it is a hatred of tigers.

The real threat is these zoo’s in Asia that over-breed tigers in poor, cramped, caged conditions. Since it’s illegal over there to outright kill tigers for any reason, they simply don’t treat the tiger when it gets sick, or starve it to death. Then they use the skin and bones for trade/sake to pay for the zoo’s upkeep (and pocket the rest).

Most of the world wants big cats around. That’s a give-in. But what about small cats like that one critically endangered species in Japan? There were only, what, 200 left in the world? And then the tsunami hit. What with a large food and energy shortage in Japan going on right now and the nuke mess, people may prey on these days.

04/23/11  12:04pm


Peeper gal
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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2215640

 Save the bigg cats from extinction

i hope bob cats live they are o so beautiful i have a gorgeous pixie bob he is sooooooooooooo cute

08/20/11  03:45pm


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  Message To: Peeper gal   In reference to Message Id: 2233489

 Save the bigg cats from extinction

The tiger is my favorite animal. Poaching should be ended 4ever. So
Should abuse. I hate it! I am anti extinction and hurt. Join us in the
Fight to end what people started. Sorry, it just means so much.

01/28/17  12:52pm

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