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 Best way to avoid uti and bladder infections?

so my friends cat recently started having a lot of accidents and was put on meds and stopped, but started again as soon as the meds were finished. so they put him back on and the same thing happened. i hear its VERY expensive to even have a surgery to remove a kidney stone. the bottom line is that its gotten me worried about the health of my cat. he doesnt have any problems but i dont want any to occurr. so im wondering what i can do to avoid bladder issues or any issues really.

04/05/11  11:07pm


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 Best way to avoid uti and bladder infections?

Provide the cat with plenty of water and feed good foods.

Sometimes the type of food you feed the cat can lead to stones. I’ll detail that below. I don’t know if there’s any specific ingredient as a whole that’s more likely to do it than another, but I’ll give you the best info I can on the subject.

I do remember that feeding only beef catfood/wetfood can lead to constipation. And feeding only ocean-type fish (like tuna) after a Long LONG period of time can cause kidney issues. But if you balance it out and make chicken/turkey the middle staple (which is the least likely to cause stomach upset), it should balance out.

It’s also good to balance out wetfood with dryfood. I normally feed dryfood (taste of the wild) on a regular basis and slip in wet food twice to three times a week.

Another thing to avoid doing is feeding multiple Brands of food, like constantly switching between Meowmix, Whiskas, Purina, Iams, ScienceDiet, etc, and not staying to one singular brand. The constant switching of recipes over a long period of time can cause long-term digestion concerns. The same goes for dogs. On the up side, it Is okay to switch between the flavors of one brand (like, say, switching from chicken Friskies to fish friskies and back), as it’s the same basic recipe.

If you want to switch to a new, better brand, then do it gradually. Like with the last paragraph, doing a harsh change between brands will cause stomach upset.

Now you should be warned that sometimes male cats just get bladder stones. They can be fine one moment, then completely unable to pee the next and need immediate vet help/surgery to fix the problem. This can normally be avoided by having a proper diet set for the cat (stay away from cheapo foods), but sometimes it just happens.

04/06/11  06:14pm

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