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 Frontline plus for large dogs

Is the medication the same medication as for cats only a different amount? Would it be safe to buy a dose for a large dog then divide it up into smaller doses for a cat to save money ? I do not want to over dose my cat but was told you could save a lot doing it this way .

04/01/11  09:27am


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  Message To: Skullkeeper   In reference to Message Id: 2212478

 Frontline plus for large dogs

No, the large dog frontline should NOT be given to a cat under any circumstances. The cat will react badly to it and die a horrid death if you do it. It happens. I cannot over-emphasize what a terrible idea it is.

Besides, even if some weirdo out there says you can, and I doubt they will, if you do it ’wrong’ you’d have to pay more for vet bills to save your cat’s life than the few bucks for the normal cat dose.

04/01/11  11:15am


Rae rae
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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2212485

 Frontline plus for large dogs

i agree...and besides...frontline sucks! haha! i have talked with the merial reps myself (they sell frontline and heartgard) and i know how it works. or how it’s supposed to work anyway. so i did an experiment with my dogs. since i get different products for free from these reps i put advantage multi on two of my dogs and frontline on the third. (this has been a few years ago) the ones with advantage multi did not have a flea on them. my dog with frontline not only had fleas, she also had flea nests...which means the fleas were actually on her long enough to make nests and lay eggs. that was unacceptable to me, so i switched her to advantage also.

don’t get me wrong, frontline used to be awesome and work great, but i think the fleas are becoming somewhat immuned to it. who knows, in a few years i might be saying the same thing about advantage! the BEST flea control in my opinion is comfortis, but they don’t have it for cats unfortunately.

04/16/11  06:25pm

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