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 Cat Food

Hello all!! I have two persian kitties and Ive had them on Purina One dry cat food with the occasional canned food treat for their whole lives. Recently I got a different cat food by accident [meow mix] and Ive noticed a huge change in the smell of their 1&2’s. Its worse! I have been mixing their old stuff with the new food to transition them onto the new food. And I understand there is a period where they have to adjust and it can be smelly.Yet the smell is over all worse & ammonia is prevalent and obnoxious, and this was never such an issue. I was going to switch back to their original food, but Iam hesitant to- because they were not eating enough.

So now the dilemma what cat food is best and why? What do you feed yours and is it smelly!?!

01/20/11  08:14pm


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  Message To: Voguestar   In reference to Message Id: 2199868

 Cat Food

Cheaper catfoods are going to give you smellier crap and piss. It’s the crappier ingredients in the catfood that result in that imput. Purina One has stuff in it to help with that sort of thing. Meow Mix is some real cheapo stuff in the market, and don’t get me started on when a cat starts puking it up. It stains terribly.

There’s also something cool you can hear me out on: More expensive catfoods, such as Blue Buffalo and Call of the Wild, are more meaty and less grains. The grains are just a filler to make the cat think it’s getting full, while the meat does the work. And, since cats are carnivores, they cannot handle the grain well in their digestive tract. It’s like if I gave a shark only greenbeans and carrots. Heavy grain cat foods like MeowMix and Friskies dry are around because it’s way cheaper to mass produce it than mostly-meat catfoods. They’ll eat more of it because they’re not getting the nutrition they need. And they’ll crap funny because the amount of grain is doing weird things to their meat-processing digestive tract. If a cat gets good food with a good meat ratio, they’ll eat less because they’re getting what their body needs faster. So cats that eat Blue Buffalo will eat way less than cats that eat ’Sophisti-cat’ or ’Dad’s Catfood’. It’s not that they don’t like it, it’s just that they don’t need as much of it cause it’s full of goodness.

Corn is another thing cheapo companies like cramming into their food. It’s cheap and cats also have no use for it.

Another thing is, technically, the more you invest in your catfood, the better the food will be. This isn’t rocket science. Cheapo 6 dollar bags are going to be all grain and what meat is in there is butcher runoff and cheapo byproducts (even things like hoof parts and always things we wouldn’t eat, ourselves). Then you get ’meal’, for example: ’chicken byproduct meal’. ’Meal’ is usually the bones, tendons, and unwantibles ground up into a powder and made into feed. The more you pay, the better it gets. It goes from that to less grains, more additives, and regular by-products. Then lesser grains, even more additives, and more real meat. Additives, themselves, start out kinda weird - stuff a cat would never eat like carrots and peas oO - then move on to regular vitamins, calcium, and some stuff to aid digestion like grass.

There are exceptions, and it’s perfectly cool to stay in the middle ground with cat foods. Your cat wont suffer for it. Cats will eat anything they can get their paws on in the wild, so byproducts aren’t that bad. Also, sometimes a cat will refuse to eat middle-level food because they don’t like it. Obviously if the cat is puking up what you give it months in, then you should probably switch to something else.

Then there’s wetfood. Canned stuff is by far the best thing you can give a cat, as it’s almost entirely meat as a give-in. The cheaper the food, the different areas of the animal it comes from and weirder the preservatives. Giving your cats the wet stuff is the best thing you can do for them.

So yeah, to sum it up I’ll give you can example I noticed with one of my own fluffy cats: I use to give her cheap foods with the same presumption you had. I got the cheapest crap I could find on the shelf (3 dollars a bag). She ate it like it was going out of business, while she barely touched the more expensive stuff. She didn’t even puke it up. But man was her crap the smelliest stuff in this known universe. I dealt with it, got more expensive cat litter that covers the smell. After all, if she liked it what was I to say no. Then, surprisingly, her weight started dropping. It dropped gradually, but I eventually noticed that the chunky fat cat I had before was now less than 8 lbs and a featherweight. I almost thought it was age until I switched her to what the other cats were eating. Suddenly... well.. she ate less of it. But FWOOF! Her bad poo went away, her weight went back up almost immediately, and even her coat got better. Was amazing. And this was just switching from inexpensive stuff to Whiskas, which still isn’t that expensive but marginally better. Freaking amazing.

01/21/11  12:36am


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2199927

 Cat Food

That is interesting you say Purina One has ingredients to help with that sort of things. It makes since why my kitties used to never be so smelly.

I almost died when I saw the meow mix bag my dad had gotten. He buys me cat food since he goes to Sams club and he usually always gets me the same Purina one, but they must have been out kuz he got me meow mix. AH! And I agree the meow mix puke totally stains carpet really bad!! [ experienced that this morning!]

I knew how fillers and by products and all that jazz is not good for them. Ive always tried to look at the ingredients when buying canned and make some conclusion about it that Iam buying something good for them. I actually tried a trader joes brand of cat food a couple years back[I had forgotten about]. I was hoping they would be healthier and happier, I think I achieved the opposite. They actually seemed to really dislike it.

I also had my cat, slowly drop weight. I also thought it was age, but then I accidentally got the meow mix and she is fattening up again. But I do not plan to keep giving them meow mix, even though they really seem to love it. Maybe not though maybe their just eating more kuz its like you stated more fillers and what not. Hmm..

You say your using Whiskas huh? That is weird because I have purposely avoided this cat food. I had a different cat years ago, and used to feed her Whiskas. Its a rather long story as to why I stopped using this cat food and avoided it, but long story short >cat went into kidney failure and lost its mind literally. It was so sad and heartbreaking! I always thought it was the cat food. IDK Iam prolly wrong and it prolly had nothing to do with the cat food. But after what I experienced I cannot see myself buying it again. I wonder if different cats have different reactions to the same foods. I think Ima try out my local feed store. They are always bragging about how their food has no fillers and what not.
Thank you! That gives me stuff to think about.

01/22/11  01:19pm


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  Message To: Voguestar   In reference to Message Id: 2200281

 Cat Food

Well, to be honest, my cats hated that new Whiskas... Whiskas Purfect or something like that. Which is weird because I think it’s supposed to be better for them.

I only use whiskas because I’ve had a long past with the stuff. A long time ago they use to release these extra large wetfood cans for a good price and I’d give one to my four cats daily. Almost all of those cats lived to be 20 years old, even the partial outdoor cats (before they all became indoor cats). As the cats got older and the cans disappeared, I switched to the dry stuff (and other brands of wet stuff). It was the only thing my older cats could eat without puking. I even had an episode where I tried to give one of them Purina One and he wouldn’t stop puking it up. It was weird.

Nowadays I just use it out of habit. All cats that eat it are strong and healthy. The one that doesn’t get the whiskas, the basement cat, was getting something cheaper.. But yeah... she started losing weight.

On the by, I ironically started switching my basement cat to Purina One Senior. It was that or Iams. Meijer doesn’t give me many choices. I’ll see if she likes it or not.. Otherwise I’ll just put her on Whiskas like the other cats (and supplement it with free sample bags of Taste of the Wild. ;) )

01/22/11  07:15pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2200359

 Cat Food

you know i have a weird cat. she won’t eat wet food AT ALL. i mean it will rot in the bowl before she will touch it. she will not touch a treat, or even human food (not that i give it to her but she’s never been interested). she will eat dry food and dry food only. i had her on purina cat chow forever. i had my dogs on great expensive food, and thought to myself i need to get her on a better food too. so i switched her to purina one instead of chow. her fur wasn’t the same and she began puking all the time...about twice a week. so, instead of going back to cat chow, i was determined to find a better quality food that she would eat. i put her on the same brand my dogs use. hamster brain van patten’s natural balance. she’s done just fine on it. she doesn’t puke at all anymore. actually, we moved into new house in november and i haven’t found one pile of puke here yet. so she will stay on that food.

oh yea, and her poo doesn’t stink as bad. cat poo naturally smells worse than dogs. i think it’s because their food has way more protein than dog food...not really sure if that’s the real reason. but i’ve noticed a change in smell, it’s better.

02/11/11  11:10pm

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