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 Best cat food for shedding?

Hi everyone,
I’ve never posted here on the cat forum before, I’m usually hanging out in the iguana section. But I thought I’d pop in and see if you all could help me.

I have a long haired Siamese mix. He is a neutered male and is almost 1 year old. He is 100% indoors, he never goes outside. He sheds like mad! I know shedding is a pretty normal part of a cat’s life and in order to live with indoor kitties, a person just needs to get used to the hair. But I know there are products out there that can help reduce the amount of hair around here!

When I pet him, what seems like gobs of hair just falls off him. He doesn’t have any health problems, just lots of hair! I read online that a good quality diet can help reduce the shedding. Currently, he and my other cat are on Special Kitty or Purina indoor formula kibble. Those are certainly not the best foods available, but I never knew how rather unhealthy those are.

Can anyone suggest a good food that can help reduce shedding? Could you also suggest a good brush or even a special vacuum cleaner I could look into?

Thank you for any help, I appreciate it!

01/11/11  10:14pm


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  Message To: Damascys   In reference to Message Id: 2197726

 Best cat food for shedding?

Some bags of cat food will list on the back of them how the food enriches the cat. It usually comes in the form of a spreadsheet (Calcium | ingredient! | Enriches bones!), or a diagram of a cat with lines pointing to areas and an explanation of what exactly it helps. That should help you out. Better catfood will help with dandruff, dry skin, hairballs, and coat consistency, etc. If you get a good food, you’ll notice near immediately at how the cat’s fur generally looks and feels.

Three brands of excellent catfood that I know of are Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, and Max Cat. All are pretty expensive, I think Maxcat is the least expensive of the group..... I feed my cats old-school Whiskas (=O Shocking, I know!) dry and supplement it with 9 Lives or Friskies Selects Indoor Cat (chicken and fish varieties). I also get special canned stuff for my older cats from the vet.

The best way to deal with fur is to just brush it every once in a while. The ’hand’ brush, the glove with feelers on it, is a very useful tool to be honest. I also use one of these: Link and one of these: Link on long-haired cats on a semi-regular basis. Brushing a minimum of twice a week will improve things quite a bit. Same with vacuuming the floors once a week ;)

On the by, sometimes ’long haired siamese’ can be confused with a Ragdoll. Both have similar points and blue eyes. Ragdolls (and their lesser Ragamuffins, which have more color choices), are very common out there and mixes are often seen in shelters. They tend to have stocky bodies and melt when they’re held.

this is a purebred ragdoll pulled off google.

This is my Ragamuffin (possible mix) cat, Mueshi. She’s going on 14. ... She likes to sit on dark things when I go to take a picture of her.

01/12/11  02:45am


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2197750

 Best cat food for shedding?

Thank you so much! My kitty is probably a mix of everything, we adopted him from some people who found him as an 8 week old baby in their yard. He is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen, but I’ve never had a long hair before so this is all new to me. Thank you so much for the wonderful advice, I will check those out. You’re cat is gorgeous, too!!

01/12/11  05:57am


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  Message To: Damascys   In reference to Message Id: 2197726

 Best cat food for shedding?

This consistent & chronic problem with shedding is common & is typically caused by poor nutrition. In fact, shedding is so common that people generally consider it normal for their cat to leave a trail of hair everywhere they go! It does not have to be this way.

In 2 easy steps you really can help you kitty overcome this issue.
1.) Choose a food that has the most quality MEAT in the top 5 ingredients. Many cat foods are loaded with junk (corn, wheat, soy, rice "mystery meat") & this just feeds the problem. Blue Buffalo offers a GREAT line of cat food. Check them out for a great start, this is what I use.

2.) Add a well balanced nutritional supplement to the diet. Food alone won’t cut it so the nutritional supplement will fill in the gaps giving you kitty the best path to overall good health & less shedding.

I personally use a combination of the Blue Buffalo & a cat supplement by the company Dinovite. My cats have never been happier & shedding is a problem of the past for us.

Best of luck! =^..^=

Here are a couple of links to check out:

Blue Buffalo

01/12/11  02:43pm


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  Message To: Hanky   In reference to Message Id: 2197829

 Best cat food for shedding?

I have 4 long haired cats... You can imagine what I have to deal with just to eat without someones hair in my food! All of my cats are fed taste of the wild, and food is never enough to stop the shedding... Especially when the cats blow their coats! Brushing with a fine tooth comb daily really helps but what I found the best is a good bath and a shave down or lions cut! We shave the cats once summer hits and keep them close trimmed until fall and than we let them grow it back for the winter. After the initial grumbling during the shave, they are all use to it by now and put up little to no fight, they LOVE being shaved. They prance around the house and play instead of sleeping all day. This helps so much with the hair, I no longer feel like I need to vacuum twice a day or feel like there’s a puff of cat hair when I sit down on the couch. If you can afford it, I would deffinity recommend a no fillers (wheat, soy, corn) cat food as cats are pure carnivours by nature and fillers would never normally be part of their diet. I wasn’t too impressed with blue buffalo but it is not a bad brand in the grand scheme of things. My best suggestion for food is to read the ingredients. if the first five ( we say this cause ingredients are listed from most to least amount) are mostly fillers than it’s not a good quality food. Also stay away from foods that say things like meat byproducs or meat anything as meat could actually be ANY kind of meat. I personally don’t want my cats eating road kill or other cats. hope that helps

01/13/11  12:11pm

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