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 Cat Allergy/ Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Are there any hypoallergenic cat breeds that do not hit the wallet so hard? I enjoy cats but am quite allergic to them. Also has anyone had a particularly good experience with a specific allergy medicine?

01/03/11  11:31pm


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 Cat Allergy/ Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

There are no truly hypoallergenic cats. Keep in mind that even short-haired cats can shed a whole load, and the type of food the cat eats may reflect how much dander/ skin cells they shed. Cheap foods normally give a cat more flaky skin. You can also react, depending on your allergy, to a cat’s saliva or their scent glands (located around the wrists of the front paws and the jawline). Whichever cat you chose, make sure to have a visit or two with it first to see if the cat provokes any reactions before getting it.

That said, if you can wash/wipe down the cat on a regular basis, the hairless cats are something to look into, such as the Cornish rex. There is also a long breed of cat that’s as close to hypoallergenic that you’ll find called the Siberian . They say Russian blues and similar breeds are also hypoallergenic, but owning a Russian blue I can’t support the claim fully - though she does shed less and keeps herself mighty clean.

Outside of wiping down the cat with a cloth every once in a while, wash it, and having a friend perhaps brush it if you get a Siberian, you should also invest in an ionizer, which will suck bad material out of the air. They are godly and a must have for allergy sufferers.

Talk to your doctor about what allergy medications to try. I’m not allergic and can’t give any true insight in that, though my brother’s ex-girlfriend was once deathly allergic to his cats and could barely stay in his apartment for extended times without going red in the face and swelling up. The litter boxes also effected her greatly.

01/04/11  12:18am

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