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 Hi KrazyKelly

Hi KrazyKelly! So your profile says you know about cats. Arn’t cats soooo CUTE?!? So, Do you have a cat? If so what’s heshe like? i love kitties!

12/19/10  06:24pm


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  Message To: Anoleowner   In reference to Message Id: 2193292

 Hi KrazyKelly

I love cats! They’re adorable!

I currently have 4 (I keep no more than 4 at one time).

Puffy - Russian Blue - 12 years old - female. My favorite cat of the group. She owns the house.

Mueshi - Solid black Ragamuffin - 13 - female. Lives on her own in the basement.

Morris - Orange Tabby - 6ish - male. Lives in my room. Sleeps with me and is territorial.

Sophie - Calico - 4ish - female. Lives in the den and other bedroom. Newest cat, gets into fights with Morris.

Most cats I own tend to live into their 20s. The vet told me Puff looks like she’s going to get into that age range as well with how good she looks. The last cat I lost was Teddy (lived to be 14), who was 10 when I got him and was only given a short life span due to previous heartworm damage. All my cats are indoors, cept for Puff who likes going onto the deck in the warmer seasons.

I also have a dog who is best friends with Sophie and hangs out/sleeps with her all day. Odd how my newest cat chooses the dog over the other three cats =P

(by ’lives in’, I mean territory. The cats, cept for Mueshi, get free run of the house if they want.)

So what cats do You have? =D

12/21/10  11:35pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2193713

 Hi KrazyKelly

I have one cat named Henry. He’s a boy and has been with us for about 2 years now. I don’t know what type of kitty he is but maybe you do. He is black with cute big white spots. He has green eyes and is an alarm kitty. Whenever some one pets him he meuws alot a and purrrrrs. He LOVES people and will come to you any time to get cuddled! He is so cute and spends most of his time exploring new parts of the back yard. Sometimes he goes to other yards but he always comes home. I only have one cat cause i live with my dad and he’s alergic. So how are you and your kitties doing?

12/22/10  08:09pm

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