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 HELP!! Cat with problems?

My cat, Scout, is a Norweigen forest cat. He is neutered. Ever since I got him at the humane society, (he was a very sickly kitten, and almost died, his intestines were in such bad shape) he will sometimes put his ears back and shrink up, lay down, and growl VERY deep in his throat. What is the matter with him? what can I do to help him? I think he acts like an autistic person, with his own world that makes him growl. But he acts like and ordinary cat, otherwise. He does this ALL the time. HELP!!!!

10/23/10  09:50PM


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  Message To: Toadis   In reference to Message Id: 2182982

 HELP!! Cat with problems?

What are you doing when he does this? What is going on around him?

10/27/10  07:19PM


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  Message To: Roxy_Blade   In reference to Message Id: 2183989

 HELP!! Cat with problems?

You have to consult this matter with the vet she is not the ordinary cat to behave like this.

02/10/11  11:30PM


Peeper gal
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  Message To: Sammyhusten   In reference to Message Id: 2204249

 HELP!! Cat with problems?

is your house possibly haunted

08/21/11  01:05PM

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