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 R.I.P. Smokey

I had a white and grey kitten about a year and 4 months ago, I was given him by a friend. But he had an eye problem where gunk kept his right eye shut. I spent 80 dollars on him to fix his problem and he was healthy from then on.

He was my baby and I loved him with all my heart. He was almost a year and a half year old. He was a gorgeous fluffy cat, he loved attention and had the cutest little meow.

I ended up moving in with my husbands parents and they have 3 dogs so I couldn’t bring my cats. I left Smokey in my mother control until we got our own house again and I could take him back. Well on the 19th of August....he was hit by a car over night and was buried the following day. My mother sent me the message about him on facebook and It was about 2 paragraphs long. But the first sentence was "I’m so sorry but smokey was hit by a car and your father had to bury him a couple moments ago." and I just lost it. I bawled for 30 minutes and tears fell from my face for the rest of the day.

I’m sorry I couldn’t post this when it happened but it was a fragile subject for the first week and I’ve worked all week and this is the first time I have been able to write about it. I miss my baby so much and I have already told my husband that I am going to eventually get another cat about the same color and call him Smokey Jr in Honor of Smokey.

R.I.P BABY! I will always hear your purr in my ears when I’m laying on my bed! I LOVE YOU!

08/31/10  11:11pm


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  Message To: MultiLizard   In reference to Message Id: 2172861

 R.I.P. Smokey

Sorry for your loss. He was a handsome cat. RIP Smokey.

09/01/10  05:22pm

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