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 Are black cats typically more lively and personable?

My family owns an adult black cat & she is nuts lol she’s very loving and energetic. She is best friends with our dog. She loves to sleep on my lap and will tap me with her paw to get my attention. She is also much more vocal than our other cats. You could hold lengthy ’conversations’ with her lol I was just wondering if this was common in black cats or is mine just ... special hahaha

06/22/10  10:24pm


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  Message To: Loanna56   In reference to Message Id: 2157738

 Are black cats typically more lively and personable?

All cats have different personalities. Some are very active and lively, some are subdued and laid back, others are wild things that would rather claw your eyes out then let you touch them, then more. It’s like people. So it’s like asking, "Are people with black hair more lively than other people?" =P No, not really.

However there is one breed of cat that is abnormally more whiney and talkative than all others, and that’s the Siamese. This is believed to be because they were exempt from the witch-hunting of the dark ages due to location, and other cats gradually learned to be more quiet to avoid being seen and outright killed for simply being a cat. Mind you, that’s all hearsay. Nowadays cats aren’t being hunted down and drown in cages for being thought of as the ’devil’s helper’, so they can open up more.

All that said, I have a fat calico cat that holds conversations with me. And I have a RussianBlue that will take mouse toys in her mouth and yeowl loudly all over the house every night.

06/23/10  02:01pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2157871

 Are black cats typically more lively and personable?

I agree it’s just a matter of the cat its self. I had a black cat and she was a crazy one. She would play hide and seek and tag! She was always lookin to play and kept you on your toes when you would walk by! I kept on of her kittens after she passed away. And he’s nothig like her he is very lazy and calm. It’s such a difference and he is black and white and her baby. And I have also rescued a white and gray cat she is crazy as can be. So it’s just the cat nothing heretitary or becuase of color! And your cat sounds like fun and that you’ve got your hands full!

06/24/10  05:17pm


Squeaky Joe
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  Message To: Kitty4u8   In reference to Message Id: 2158188

 Are black cats typically more lively and personable?

Black cats are the devil. It’s probably putting encantations on you or trying to suck out your soul with its demonic mutterings. Get a white cat.

07/10/10  03:45pm

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