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hi everyone i lost my cat yesterday and i cant find her. My little 4 year old cousin by accident opened the car door and the cat ran out into the woods. We’ve been searching for her all day! My uncle said he was in there and he saw something it was dark (nighttime) so he didnt see what it was but i think it was her. she went inside a barn thing so yeah. Also we put up flyers that had pic. of her and a breif description of what she looked like! Please help me! ~Leahcar

06/07/09  08:15am


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Well, I’m sorry, but realistically the people here probably won’t be able to help you unless they live in your area. Maybe try putting a dish of cat food or treats in your yard, then watch in case your cat comes back to eat. You could even try that with tuna because it has a smell that would attract your cat. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll find her.

06/07/09  05:50pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: Dave.the.gecko   In reference to Message Id: 2018017


not trying to scare you but...she might be lost forever. hopefully not, and you will ger her back. my aunt had a cat a while back and she moved. when she moved she of course brought the cat with her. the cat, of course, hated car rides because the only time she got in the car was to go to the vet. when my aunt pulled up at her new house, the car door was opened, and somehow the cat got out of the car and ran into the woods. the never saw her again. they looked for her, and looked for her, and looked for her with no luck. she was an outside/inside cat. but my aunt was smart enough that when she moved (and she had done this before with the cat) she always kept the cat strictly inside for a few days before letting it out so the cat knew where it lived. we never saw her again. we just hope that she took residence with somebody else in the neighborhood that didn’t want to let her go. that’s being optomistic. because of that incident, and of course yours as well, i always suggest putting a cat in a carrier for travel. if my aunt would’ve done that then she would still have her cat. but, not trying to lecture you right now, i’m very sorry your cat is lost.

try calling your local newspaper. here where i live an add in the newspaper for lost and found is free. try running an add in your paper as well as flyers. then you can say you did everything you could.

06/08/09  03:13am


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 2018307


dont be to sad ,i lost my kitten for about 10 days then i found her in thethe naybers garage, ask around ,im sur youll find her :)

09/01/10  06:47am

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