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 Cat on a leash?

I recently came across harnesses they make for cats, so you can walk them like a dog. I thought maybe this would be a good way for my cat to get exercise. Does anyone walk there cat? Do you guys think its a good idea or a bad idea? I’m just worried about what might happen if a dog got loose.......
And thanks in advance!!

12/20/08  01:22am


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  Message To: Psyblaze16   In reference to Message Id: 1917584

 Cat on a leash?

It’s a great idea!! Cats should always be indoors, but that doesn’t mean they should never enjoy some fresh air.

Put the harness on indoors first, give the kitty his/her favorite treats or toys, and take it off after five minutes. Do this every day, and increase the amount of time the kitty wears the harness. Once he’s comfortable in the harness, put the leash on and walk him around inside. Once he’s comfortable with that, make sure the harness is nice and snug and you can start taking him outside. Maybe start on the porch and let him venture at his own pace.

Some tips:
1. Make sure he is fully vaccinated, microchipped, and wearing an ID tag anytime he goes outside.
2. Make sure the harness is very snug so he can’t squirm out.
3. Never leave him in the harness unsupervised. They get all tangled up in them!
4. If you see a dog or something coming, simply pick up the cat and go back inside. Dogs don’t generally attack kitties, but just to be safe.

Good luck!

12/20/08  01:41pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: Dragongirl6   In reference to Message Id: 1917741

 Cat on a leash?

i agree with dragon girl. i’ve seen a few cats on leashes, and most of them love it. i also agree to let him go at his own pace. if you throw him outside down the road on a leash he will be terrified and it will make for a bad experience. letting him go where he wants at his own pace allows him to make the decisions (and we all know cats like to think they’re the boss)

12/20/08  06:08pm


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 1917857

 Cat on a leash?

I think it’s a great idea, especially for most male cats, but you have to remember it’s not for every kitty. Some indoor cats get overwhelmed no matter how much time you take getting them used to the harness. There’s scary things outside. But I’d say give it a shot =)

12/21/08  07:35pm


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  Message To: MissSkyTheGecko   In reference to Message Id: 1918435

 Cat on a leash?

I’ve tried this with both Scooter and Charlie ..They wanted NOTHING to do with it and just flopped over on the floor and it became "drag the kitty". I think if you start them really young (like a kitten) you may be able to train them to walk on a leash, I know Doublemom has one she walks on a leash.

12/23/08  02:45pm


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  Message To: MissAnne2u   In reference to Message Id: 1919405

 Cat on a leash?

I trained my cat Velcro on a leash from the time I got her..around 6 weeks. The feel of something around her neck is very important. When she was bigger, i used a small chain that I could hook a regular leash to. Once she was used tot he weight of the chain, i switched to a regular collar. Remember, you can never walk a cat, they walk you. You just gotta follow her lead and a gentle tug with a "shhh!" or "No" when she strays off the path or gets a little too friendly trying to check our a bush or tree or something. Worse comes to worse, you have to end up carrying her back after she has walked you out a ways! lol
Always reward with a treat afterwards, that will get her used to coming home. Upt o you whether you wanna try a harness or a collar, I never used a breakaway though, I hated the thought of her getting away from me. Get used to gawkers, it’s not everyday you see a cat being walked and don’t be afraid to scoop her up if they start to get too close and freak her out. Mostly I never really walked her but "hooked her up" to take her out to eat some grass. After a year i just had to shake her leash and collar and she would know it was time to go out and eat grass. Watch out for fleas and other bugs that might jump on also.
Velcro passed away 5 years ago at the age of 11. I have 2 other cats that are not trained as I got one when he was 15 and one at 5. But the older knows that if he wants grass then he has have the collar on. I just have to carry him back inside! lol Good luck!

Recess Von Fursteinburg (18 years old) in his bed asleep.

01/17/09  09:12pm


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  Message To: Psyblaze16   In reference to Message Id: 1917584

 Cat on a leash?

I think its a good idea. Ive walked my cat on a dog leash before. I dont really walk them because my cats stay outside . But if yours stay in all the time I think it would be good for them to get outside sometimes.

03/05/10  07:53pm


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  Message To: SaloonGirl   In reference to Message Id: 2130269

 Cat on a leash?

Good luck! I tried mine on leashes - while they were still indoors - and they played the "I have no legs" game. They sprawled out on the floor and refused to budge lol!!!

03/07/10  11:23pm


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  Message To: Reptilover1   In reference to Message Id: 2131008

 Cat on a leash?

I take my Ben and Panther out on leashes all the time. They just took to it. Now my Kotton- She says NO WAY! LOL!

ONE thing though, IF your cat (like my Ben does) tries to escape, make sure you get a walking jacket or a harness that it cannot back out of! My Ben will turn and look at me and pull backwards and voila! He is free! LOL!

06/13/10  02:38pm


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  Message To: Marespooscats   In reference to Message Id: 2155423

 Cat on a leash?

I also think it is great idea. I have 2 cats now, but what started me into getting one was my male I no longer have, when I lived with my parents he was inside outside cat. Then I moved into an apartment and he never saw the light of day. So I got him a leash and harness. He was rather unsure at first as were all my cats, the thing that bugged him the most was the feeling of the harness around his body while he walked. I wouldve loved to video tape him walking in it the first couple of time. It was great he would walk all awkward and he tried biting it a couple times but after he got used to how it feels he was okay with it. I never tried a collar with the leash. I only had mine wriggle out of the harness once and it was too loose. Well he has since passed away... =(

My two kitties now enjoy their walks but I think some1 hit the nail right on the head when they said you dont walk them they walk you!! My kitties also have done the "oh my legs dont work...Im so helpless", but I think its just theyre mood. If they wanna go for a walk they will if they dont they wont LoL. My cats really love rolling around outside so I think sometimes thats all they want. Ive tried taking my kitties out during the day,,evening ..late night just to see how they react. Ive notice they enjoy the evening and night walks much more. Mine I know do not like fast movements or lots of ca-motion so I try to find the best time. Ive had the experience of a someone walking their huge over excited doggie and me walking my cute little kitty. Its no fun my cat tried to get away and when I didnt let it run off it attached itself to my leg and tried climbing up me. Very painful!! So beware! Whenever I walk my cats I know that no one will be outside or anything like that. Goodluck and beware I love walking my cats but there is nothing like the thrill of having one flip out on a leash. You live and learn sometimes it hurts... But dont let this discourage you just let it be a warning =)

06/13/10  05:11pm

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