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 Hatchling carpet python not shedding im worried

Hey guys,
So i bought this hatchling carpet python last august at the reptile super show in pomona. She has been eating every week and looks pretty healthy. the only thing is she has not shed since the show and it has already been two months. i am getting a little worried. this is my first time with a carpet python and im not sure if im doing some thing wrong. she has been steadily gaining weight, a couple days after the show i weighed her at 64-68 grams( i dont really remember but around that range) and i recently weighed her again at 87 grams. Am i panicking for nothing? or should i worry? yesterday she ate her first rat pinkie and before that she was eating mice hoppers. Shes a costal tiger jaguar if that helps.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


10/18/17  10:03pm


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 Hatchling carpet python not shedding im worried

I’m definitely not the most experienced snake handler, but i’m wondering if slightly larger feeds would change that.? we have a jungle carpet python who was four moths old when we purchased him June third this year.. he would not accept any food from us until i started to offer him live pinkies about three weeks ago.. Now he will accept frozen/ thawed/heated hopper mice. he has shed once about ten weeks ago in the midst of our winter.. I’m just super happy he started eating. I have been told to increase the size of his feeds, which i did yesterday. I found it miraculous that he was able to swallow the mouse. We have rat pups but we (my youngest son and I) were not certain he’d be able to swallow one. Perhaps increasing the feed size will encourage more growth and hence shedding?

11/17/17  09:04pm

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