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 Snake movements and characteristics

I am looking for info on a snakes movements and characteristics. I have a 6’ female jungle and she is very tame. This is my first snake so I’m hoping to get some basic info as I am sometimes nervous about holding her. I try to remain calm and I only hold her when my husband is home, however she makes me nervous when she wraps around my neck (I keep 1 hand on her body as a perch and the other between my neck and her) and sometimes has her neck in an s pattern on my chest like she could strike. She has never tried to strike but I wanted to see if there were any tale-tell signs for me to watch for as far as agitation and such. I curently only hold her for about 30 minutes a couple days after she eats and each day or every other until it’s Feeding time. I see many people w/their snakes and they just carry them in their hands sometimes moving them around a lot like up and down and all around. Are snakes ok with that?

The day I got her she wrapped around my wrist, laid around my neck and stayed like that for 3 hours straight and I was so calm and collected but now, before I hold her I’m apprehensive, which fades with time as long as I can see her head lieing down on my shoulder, neck or chest. Any suggestions for me to help calm myself and also any movement or patterns that I will be able to recognize would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all and please do not judge me as I am new and I want to make sure Penelope is happy and healthy!

06/11/16  07:36am

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