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 Getting a new carpet python... need help with setup/ humidity

hi everyone! I apologize for not being exactly active lately, but with good reason. I’ve been busy with school and work. but back to business lol. after some debating and budgeting, I was able to finally swing purchasing a carpet python ! (they’re not exactly expensive, but the morph I really liked was lol) and the little bugger should be coming in the mail sometime this week. he’s a little under a year, so I decided to get him a temporary home, and propagated a 32qt bin for histemporary residence. so far I have a water container in the far right corner (cool side), about 1 1/2-2 inch aspen bedding, and have a thermometer and humidity meter (can never recall what it’s called. the humidity meter is in the center, and thermometer on the warm , left corner. I will be getting two hides soon, and have some fake plants to put in once those are, on the lid, I cut out a 9" by 6" inch rectangle with mesh securing it as a vent, yet even with that massive air hole I can’t get the humidity lower than 65. now I always here mixed opinions on humidity, so if I could get some opinions that would be greatly appreciated. And I was wondering, hoe necessary is a perch at this moment? is it an absolute necessity or could that wait till I have a permanent home? am I missing anything? is a tub a bad idea all together? Also, I do have a heat pad lol, I forgot to mention that . thanks guys, I appreciate you taking a look at me essay!

06/22/15  06:32pm

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