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 I Just Bought A Jungle Carpet Python

1. bought her about a week ago
2. always seems stressed out and after doing a lot of reading i have decided to leave her alone for a week or two (aka, a few feedings so she gets used to her cage and being in my busy home.
3. i have done reading on jungle carpet python feeding habits and they say they will tell you when there are hungry, it always seems like she is hungry and i have fed her three hoppers (mice) and she still seems hungry. i don’t understand, i could be just reading her wrong, it could be that she is just stressed and im reading her as hungry. but she keeps eating and acting the same way. i am so very confused.
4. She is about 2 1/2 feet long.
5. my real question lies for people that own them, what do you feed a similar size jungle carpet once a week? im thinking after the full sized mouse i have is already gone and eaten then i will try a small rat that is a little bigger then the full sized mouse.. i have read that up to twice their body size or bigger so i started out with what i know about other snakes is max of middle body size in rodent of any kind, but she still seems so hungry. I DON’T WANT TO OVER OR UNDER FEED because i want to make her like me and have a good life. would prefer to take away all of her stress. except for me holding her and i know that is something that we need to work on together. but i know she needs to be comfortable in my home first.
6. i have owned many reptiles before and was never a good owner and always had the mind set of its just a animal, but now im trying to do things right. i have never posed on a forum before today except Facebook.

03/14/12  05:49pm

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