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 Need INFO for Carpet Python???

I’ve just bought a carpet python and would like any information that can help me to keep it healthy and happy please??? Will try and post some photos. . .

11/08/11  05:54am


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  Message To: Buster04   In reference to Message Id: 2243483

 Need INFO for Carpet Python???

congratulations :)

feed it once a week, preferably prey a bit larger than the mid section, keep it’s basking temps around 90-100, give it as many branches as can fit in the cage, leaving some open areas, give it fresh water, hiding areas, and love :) and try to keep it in the largest cage possible, my male and female live in an 8’x4’x4’ and sometimes it doesn’t even seem like enough room haha. and misting them once a week doesn’t hurt either, but if it recoils when you mist it, try not to spray the snake itself but rather fixtures/open areas. they also really like resting above ground, so if you add a few sturdy perches it’ll rest on them during the day and make an amazing display.

11/09/11  10:18pm


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  Message To: LoudWithNeedlefeet   In reference to Message Id: 2243689

 Need INFO for Carpet Python???

Size of the cage will vary based on the age of the snake. Baby snakes can be kept in small enclosures and once they get to outgrow their current enclosure you can move them into the next one. Usually an enclosure wide open can possibly stress the little ones out so provide some perches and a few hides.

I think a basking spot of 90 is pretty good and the humidity in the 40-60 range is perfect. Gauges are really cheap and you can stick one to the inside of your viv to view it along with your thermostat. Spraying/misting shouldn’t be needed unless you want to add some moisture in the viv to aid shedding but Jungles usually have not trouble shedding.

I recommend Johnson Controls Thermostat with probe x2 for your cage needs. The reason for two is that you have to measure two temperatures, one for the air temp inside your viv and the second for the 90degree basking spot. You can also plug in 5 plugs into each Thermostat to monitor 5 vivs.

I provide enough water to control humidity and allow then to soak fully so the soaking is a must and would dictate the at-least size of the water bowl.

To provide heat you can you an internal bulb feature with a female light socket (with a screen around it to prevent contact burns).

Day time temps into the 85ish area and nighttime drops can be high 70’s.

For the viv floor simple dried newspaper is usually best for a couple reasons. One is that it is cheap and another is that you can see if you have a mite problem. Also cypress mulch or Asben bedding is preferred. Stay away from cedar and pine.

Carpets can eat large meals which means you can feed larger than their own body size without any worries. Babies feed 5-7 days and adults will be fine every two weeks or so. Many like to start carpets on rats right away as some claim that there could be issues with converting from mice to rats later. I have not had any problems with converting mine over but some keepers have had some trouble.

You can go to Link for the specialist in this category.

Hope this helps.....

12/19/11  03:28am

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