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 Quick update

I used to come here a lot..then i got rid of my snakes so i stopped coming now im back again here is some info with the snakes I have and pictures..if anyone has good input please speak thank you!

My newest carpet pair are doing well.

One of them hasn’t eaten for me since I got them on Tuesday (08/23/11) the other one eats no problem the first time I fed him (the eater) he took pinkies, the most recent time I fed him (second time) he took a brained fuzzy no problem. As you can see from the picture "the eater" stays in the same spot ALL the time never comes down lol. You can tell he never comes down because directly below him is feces all he does is adjust himself to release waste then gets back into a comfortable postion lol. The heat lamp bulb is a regular wattage light bulb it’s just blue. One question I have is what size wattage bulb do I need for a 29 gallon tank hot spot with a diamond cross in it?

if any one has any opinions/comments about the non eater and why he/she wont eat I’d love to hear them, please read the info below before giving ideas on why he/she won’t eat & how I can get her to eat.

Info on the non eater:
- baby diamond cross
- one of a pair I recieved on 8/23
-tried to feed twice on two different occassions: two different items; a pinky the first try and a fuzzy the second try. (four days between feeding attempts)
- now lives in a ten gallon tank was sharing a 29 gallon with his/her pair mate. Since I moved her/him today to their own enclosure I’m getting another lamp and a 90 watt bulb. Is a 90 watt bulb too hot for a ten gallon tank? If so what size wattage is best for a 10 gallon tank? The tank below is what the non eater is currently in. The water dish is also a hide with moss in it. Is the water dish to big?

My sub adult is great he/she gets two medium rats a week or when I see most of the previous food lump fading. He/she recently shedded friday/saturday.

The Coastal carpet baby is doing well also heshe just shedded yesterday. I love her/him because he will take food during shed mode and after. For instance in the last shedding he took a fuzzy one day or two before shedding then today (one day after shedding) he took two fuzzies no problems.

I have two corn snakes they are doing well of course, I’ve never had problems raising cornsnakes they eat EVERYTHING they can over power and swallow lol.

08/29/11  10:21am


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 Quick update

A video of my carpet that only eats live:¤t=DSCN0845.mp4

08/29/11  10:28am


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  Message To: Junglecarpet81   In reference to Message Id: 2234871

 Quick update

i think i know exactly what you’re doing wrong. i saw in the pic that your aquarium is very open and very bare. there is only one branch under the heat lamp. carpet pythons, being very territorial snakes that actively mark out their property in a cage, require many branches for basking and climbing. the eater has marked it’s territory in the corner under the heat lamp, pooing below it. the non eater cannot access warmth because the eater is constantly in the way.

my advice would be to go outside and find at least 4 more branches you can add to take up some of that air space, also put at least one new branch at the same level as the favorite perch and in the same corner. i’d also suggest buying another low wattage heat bulb to create a second basking spot in the cage. also it would be a good idea to add a second (third, fourth, fifth) hiding area, which can be accomplished with the use of coconut halves, commercial hides, becel containers, soup cans, etc. also covering up 1/3-1/2 of the screen top will save you tons of humidity and heat that would otherwise be lost.

in summary the cause of your snake not eating is stress induced by its cagemate. not to get me wrong carpet pythons can live wonderfully together, they just require that you put in the extra work of providing enough cage fixtures and accessories for both animals, preferably those that mimic the steamy jungle habitat they live in.

remember snakes are living creatures with behaviors and not simply ’hot’ items.

09/11/11  10:45am

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