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 Update on Mercutio

Hey, guys. I haven’t done an update on Mercutio in a while, and I took some pictures of him a few nights ago, so I guess now’s the time to show him off again! He is a jcp that I got last October from an exotic pet store near my house. He’s probably about two years old now, or maybe a little older, and in the time I’ve had him he’s grown like crazy. This guy has a great appetite and has more than doubled in weight since I first got him. So, without further ado, here he is!

I love his bright yellow and his great pattern. I’ve actually noticed that he has a few faces in his pattern, which is pretty cool. Thanks for looking!

08/05/11  08:58pm


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 Update on Mercutio

wow beautiful jcp! i love those, its the bright yellow on black, it looks so awesome. very nice snake.

08/12/11  09:20pm

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