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 New adult carpets .

Just picked them up today , ill put up some pics ..just curious about the female said she was just a normal jungle thought they where all mostly black and yellow this one has no yellow at all is it just dull coloring or what? if someone could tell me that would be great thank you



07/21/11  01:50am


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  Message To: Jsawyer   In reference to Message Id: 2229931

 New adult carpets .

Thats odd, its probably a cross then. looks like it might have some coastal in it.

07/29/11  11:27pm


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  Message To: Reptadude   In reference to Message Id: 2230985

 New adult carpets .

I agree that they look like coastals. How big are they? It’s hard to tell from the pic. Coastals are one of the largest types of carpet pythons; they can get to 10-12 feet long. Jungles will usually stay in the 6-8 foot range. Their color doesn’t really look like jungle. It’s too light even for a dull coloring of one. My guess is coastal.

07/30/11  05:16pm

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