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I am quite new to the carpet pythons. I own a ball, and then i have a red tailed boa and a western hognose. I was just hoping i could get some help from you guys. A friend of mine is giving me his Irian Jaya Carpet Python, because he can’t handle it. She’s about five feet long, slightly aggressive and will not eat. I’ll be putting her in a 55 gallon long aquarium. Any suggestions on getting her to eat would be greatly appreciated. Also if you could tell me size wise what to expect it would help. Thank you

05/16/11  10:27pm


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Irian Jaya are the smaller of the carpet python types. If she’s five feet long, she’s probably full grown or close to it. Do you know how long it’s been since she ate? What I would mainly do now with her is work on getting her to eat and deal with the aggression later. Getting a carpet python to eat is not much different than getting any other type of snake to eat. I don’t know if you’ve ever had an issue with your other snakes not eating, but here’s what I would recommend:
Make sure your snake feels secure. Give her plenty of hides and branches to climb around on so that there isn’t much empty space in the cage. That can stress them out. Also, make sure the cage temps are correct.
If you haven’t already, ask your friend what he was trying to feed her. A five foot Irian Jaya could definitely take a medium sized rat. I always recommend pre-killed food over live, but not all owners would agree with me.
If you just put the snake in a new environment, give her at least a few days to get used to that. Try to feed her after you feel she’s settled in enough. If she doesn’t take it, stop for about a week. Don’t try to feed her every day. If she refuses, give her a break before trying again. Don’t handle her during those breaks, though. I would say don’t really start handling her until she’s eating again. Again, I doubt everyone would agree with me on that, but it’s my opinion.
Try some of these and see how she does. If she still doesn’t seem interested in the food, let us know. Others around may have some more advice. For now, I hope this helped.

05/17/11  09:35pm

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