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Corn snake
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So my freind has been keeping his RTB at my house which has a RI. Well I got me a 6 ft male carpet a couple weks ago and his enclosure sits right on top of the RTB’s. About eery 30 sec I hear my carpet make a kid of hiss noise. He isnt hissing at me but its a low noise of a hiss. Does he possibly ahve RI? I plan on getting the RTB out of my house today to avoid it getting wrse and any tips on helping to get him better. WOuldlike to avoid a vet visit if possibly, but if thats what is needed I will go.

04/18/11  06:07am


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No answers yet....I will toss in my 2 cents

When larger snakes retic included are preparing to shed ...weeks before they even turn blue they will start to have a hard time breathing through the nostrils as the skin becomes irritable inside the nostril , at the last pre blue week or so they will actually try to huff and puff to dis-lodge that first loose skin. I often became very alarmed when I first realized this and the snake seemed quite distressed ...

I would increase the moisture / mist more often so the snake can rid itself of the dry skin...then if it becomes an issue after the shed process I would seek a vet to examine it....but I think it won’t come to that.

The RTB would have to come very close in the same enclosure and have contact with the carpet python to actually spread the bacterial germs....make sure if you handle 1 you wash hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer before you handle the other.

Large snakes breath heavier anyway and I am sure you may have noticed this on other occasions???

Another indicator of an RI is actual popping or clicking as the snake is exhaling at about the mid section of the body where the lung is ....if you listen carefully and it has an RI you can hear the popping/clicking by placing your ear close to the mid section and handling the snake ...pressing gently in the vicinity of the lung. Of course mucous trails from the mouth and wiped on the glass or other enclosure surfaces is a very distinct trait of a serious infection, as well as bubbles and large amounts of saliva.

If you have never tried to open the mouth and inspect the glottis for bubbles/excess mucous just ask I can instruct how to do it safely.


04/22/11  10:32pm


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if it is just i slight wheeze i wouldnt be to concerned. snakes have one large lung that has to exhale all at once. my larger carpet pythons do make a slight wheezy sound but not a heavy sound that sounds like there might be mucus or fluid in the lungs. listen closely and if u do hear a gurgling sound then yeah your carpet might have a respiratory infection.

09/10/11  02:18am

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