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 Cage Pics?

I just got a male coastal, so I thought I’d share some cage pics. The aquarium is 36x24x18, with a mostly wood top. It’s temporary until I get the wooden one finished, which will be 48x36x24. there’s a willow perch with some moss whoch helps retain humidity, a cork basking spot, a can and box to hide in, and i keep the water dish on the warm side to help with hyumidity. I just misted him in the pics, he’s in blue right now. I’m going to wedge some vine horizontal perches on the warm and cool side shortly, i’ll post more later.

Does anyone else have any cage pics? :)

Some shots of him on the cork:

02/27/11  01:55am


Dracen knights
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  Message To: CupcakeSmith   In reference to Message Id: 2207146

 Cage Pics?

here is the only cage pic I have uploaded right now... the tank is 130 gallon 6’ long 18" deep and 18" tall

03/02/11  09:12pm


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  Message To: Dracen knights   In reference to Message Id: 2207831

 Cage Pics?

here is a picture of my diamond cross’ enclosure...still a baby but the space doesnt seem to make her nervous at all. She’s up in the right hand corner perching below that is my other diamond cross’s enclosure a plain ten gallon tank with hide and water dish. below that is my jungle cross in a 40 breeder

08/29/11  10:55am


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  Message To: Junglecarpet81   In reference to Message Id: 2234873

 Cage Pics?

i highly suggest that you add more to your cages (branches, fake dollarstore plants, rocks, hides, ledges etc). from my experience it is simply a waste to own these beautiful animals and not be able to observe their wide range of behaviors that they only exhibit in naturalistic vivariums. i keep my male in an 8’x4’x4’ wooden cage filled with accessories and the behaviors i’ve seen are truly stunning.

09/11/11  01:19am


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  Message To: LoudWithNeedlefeet   In reference to Message Id: 2236475

 Cage Pics?

especially the one in the breeder, looks like hell for a snake. Thats like a jail cell no hide or anything

09/11/11  09:08pm

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