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 Rescue Carpet Python has made progress

The CP that I was given is doing great now. Those that don’t know a guy had her in a 10 gallon cage, he had her for 5 years and she is a little over 7ft long. Yes you read it right 7ft long and in a 10 gallon cage. It made me sick. She is now in a custom built cage and even took her first trip out about two weeks ago. I live in south Texas so we get those days when it is 80 in December and great for snakes. It was humid and sunny so I took her to my work. She did better then ever. From a snake that tried to bite every time I got near her cage to letting kids touch her with no reaction was amazing to see. My boss thought it was a different snake because of it. Just goes to show with a little attention and the proper care a snake can be a great pet and can teach people about them.

01/01/11  12:08am


Dracen knights
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  Message To: Savlover   In reference to Message Id: 2195530

 Rescue Carpet Python has made progress

sounds like you got a good snake I would love to see pics... I always like to see others carpet pythons... there doesn’t seam to be that many around... I currently have 5 carpets...

01/02/11  06:44pm


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  Message To: Dracen knights   In reference to Message Id: 2195841

 Rescue Carpet Python has made progress

I cruise over here every now and then and this story struck a chord with me...It’s wonderful to hear it !

I have a retic that went thru some tuff times and struck at anything that was hungry !! The previous conditions were filthy and he had stuck shed on his neck and head. I almost did’nt accept him but ...

6 months later he is a gem to handle and has shed 2x with some small look at this photo if I may ...

Congrats on your skill and husbandry ...that’s a great outcome for sure


01/02/11  07:13pm

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