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 My Snakes!

Heyy! I joined a while ago, but I forgot all my information so I created a new account so i can show my snakes off!
Just introducing myself...My name’s Kelly I live in a small town in Virginia. I am 18 years old and I got my first snake when I was 14, which was a ball python.
I got my carpet python for free (enclosure and all) from a man who didn’t want to put up with her attitude any longer :P
She was a tiny little pistol almost a year and a half ago and now she’s a beautiful much larger pistol! haha. But she seems to be my favorite of my three snakes.
I also acquired a yearling Brazilian rainbow boa a few months ago from a reptile expo in Pennsylvania, who has a great disposition and is growing rapidly!

Anyways! Here is my small collection!
Introducing Xedrethor, the almost 5 year old ball python. Last time i measured him he was almost 4 feet long.

I love reference pictures.

This is the BRB, Her name is Menkara and she is also about 4 feet.
This is an old picture from a few months ago.

And last but not least my Carpet Python, Valkaria. Shes about 5 feet now.
I consider her my challenge. Most of my friends/family will not touch her because of her attitude. When i first got her i needed gloves to even hold her, and now all she does is pee on me...and well she tags me still sometimes :P
And no picture gives her justice, she is the brightest yellow i have ever seen.

and of course me with all of them :P

12/16/10  05:02pm


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  Message To: Kellyyyy   In reference to Message Id: 2192979

 My Snakes!

Awesome snakes ... hot chick .... is there anything better??


12/18/10  01:59pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2193181

 My Snakes!

if you ever decide you want a male carpet for your female and are coming to pa let me know im in butler i have a 4ft male im rehoming he was in rough shape when i first got him but now hes getting back to normal and loves being held

12/25/10  11:22am


Dracen knights
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  Message To: BigBoyzBoids   In reference to Message Id: 2194370

 My Snakes!

you have some pretty snake.. I like the jcp but the brb is my favorite.. I would like more info on it... I might have to add one of them to my collection...

01/02/11  06:55pm

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