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 My snake spewed up worms

i own a carpet python in New South Wales Austrailia. He had not been fed for a while due to cold weather. I have just fed him a rat and noticed he had a little bit of red discolouration around his neck. after he had fed about 3 hours later he vomited up red worms which were still alive. can anyone please help with info about seriousness of problem and treatment.
thanks kindly

07/17/10  06:07am


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  Message To: Jazzfizzle   In reference to Message Id: 2163070

 My snake spewed up worms

Parasitic worms. Take it to the vet!

07/19/10  01:55am


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: ReptileJay   In reference to Message Id: 2163423

 My snake spewed up worms

What he said. The vet will give it medication to kill and expel the worms. If its regurged some with a meal, that means its pretty far advanced. They will take all the nutrition and kill the snake if not treated.

07/20/10  12:47pm

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