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 Must read. substrate alert!!!

saw this on another forum i was on.


Are you or anyone that you know is using any wood shavings from Long Beach Shavings Company?

Long Beach Shavings | Wood Shavings Products

My good friend and fellow breeder has been using their products for ten years on his boas. He recently lost nearly an entire litter of baby boas and a very nice holdback yearling becuse this company is now using cedar in nearly all of its products. Nothing on any packaging or product info lists shows cedar as an ingredient. When he called the company they did in fact tell him that cedar is being used in the place of the other woods, Hemlock and Doug Fir due to a lack of supply. CEDAR IS FATAL TO BOAS!(and I’m sure other snakes)

This information needs to be passed around and people need to be made aware! This stuff is available all up and down the west coast and probably more...

I posted this in the boa forum because that is all I keep. If you use another forum... Please post this info. there too!

Thank you!
Jeff Carr
West Coast Constrictors


06/16/10  06:14pm

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