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 Need info on carpets!!!!

i need some info on carpet pythons im mabey getting one later
plz post set up pics, heating, temp, and feeding info

05/25/10  04:56pm


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  Message To: Corbinscoots   In reference to Message Id: 2150585

 Need info on carpets!!!!

This seems a bit vague and like you can’t be bothered to look elsewhere for information. However, I would like to know the average size they grow up to and roughly how much they weigh at average size, as I am looking into a snake when I leave home, and different places say different things. I want a biggish snake, which I can handle (I’m quite petite and not very strong lol) as I worry I’d lose a smaller one.

07/30/10  05:41pm


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  Message To: Misswaggys   In reference to Message Id: 2165997

 Need info on carpets!!!!

There is some good info here Link on the care of Irian Jaya carpet pythons. These are fairly large (up to 7ft) but not as large as many other carpets which can grow 12ft+. Care of other carpets is pretty much the same except for enclosure size.

08/19/10  05:00am


Jungle Boy
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  Message To: Motley   In reference to Message Id: 2170266

 Need info on carpets!!!!

for a first time owning a morelia spilotas you should start with a jungle or a irian jaya ,i would say irian jaya their not as $$ and they only grow to about 5-6ft jungles can reach 8ft easy i own several carpets my fav’s being my irian jaya jags and jungle jags ,i do have a really big jungle almost 9ft and 15lbs hes a big boy and is super tame ,coastals are your largest of the bunch they reach lengths of 10-11ft and more i have a few of the madam blue berry line and they are growing beautiful and eating f/t rats thats another important thing is making sure he/she is on rats NOT MICE once on mice its hard to switch not impossiable but hard and try to see to it they are on frozen thawed NOT LIVE ,i hatched out some really sweet irian jayas this year and they are all on f/t rat pinks doing good if your interested they are full of nice dark reds and tan if you want to see pics let me know i have several snakes up for sale would like to post them here but dont know how i have jungle jag siblings as well everything i have is cb/cb and tame not nippy and eat f/t any questions you have let me know i can shoot you pics thru email i have 3 IJ’s left doing really good feel free to contact me for info or advice.

09/20/10  10:49pm

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