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 New Additions!

A guy my dad knows really liked my pastel ball python. I dont breed yet and have been considering selling her for a while because of her attitude. Well he offered to trade for either a female 4 1/2 tangerine honduran milksnake or a baby male coastal carpet python. After we talked for awhile i ended up trading the pastel ball and 5 live weaned rats for both snakes! Im pretty excited as ive been wanting a milk and a carpet for a while. Ill get more pics after they settle in but here they go:

04/03/10  02:19pm


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  Message To: SnakeKeeper19   In reference to Message Id: 2138102

 New Additions!

sounds like a deal!
bot look great.. I like the milksnake.

carpets are known to be nippy, especially when young

04/06/10  10:05pm

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