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 Adult size/tank size?

Hey guys, I am really interested in getting a jungle carpet python. I think they’re beautiful, and I already know that snakes make good pets. I have a couple of snakes, but none as big as a JCP. I was mainly wondering what size tank would an adult need? I have a fifty gallon, but I’m not sure that would be big enough. Other than the size, I think I could take care of one. I live pretty close to a pet store that has pre-killed feeder rats, so that’s not a problem. Does anyone here have a preferred substrate they use? I like something loose that allows them to dig and looks natural. I’ve heard shredded coconut shell is good for carpet pythons. One other question, if I were to put branches in their enclosure, would the python actually use them? Do you guys ever see your snakes actually climbing on the branches?

02/22/10  04:00pm


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  Message To: Africabound   In reference to Message Id: 2125960

 Adult size/tank size?

My boy loves his branch. Definitely put some branches in there for it. And a cage with 6 square feet should be good for an adult, and a little height it nice too because they do like to climb some. I’m hoping to re-do an entertainment center for my JCP wich will give me about 7-8 square feet of floor space, which should be nice and roomy for him :]

02/24/10  08:48pm


Red Ink AUS
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  Message To: SavySnake   In reference to Message Id: 2126806

 Adult size/tank size?

Australian or Indo?

Australian jungles are strictly aboreal species and spend very little time on the ground. An enclosure of 3x2x4 (lxwxh) should be sufficient for an Australian. The hide should be placed off the ground and put up a branch like a bird house, about half way up the enclosure should be perfect. If you can go taller to 5 feet even better.

02/24/10  11:27pm


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  Message To: Red Ink AUS   In reference to Message Id: 2126857

 Adult size/tank size?

They do like to climb, but they don’t really dig. As years go by, there are fewer and fewer species that I still actually prefer paper for, but for carpets I still do.

03/10/10  03:05pm

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