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I have an awesome cage that would be perfect for a carpet python.... only thing is it is 5 feet long 2 feet deep and 3 feet high...... and i like to get my snakes young.....

Question is could i keep a younger carpet in that tank...

It has amazing branches to be in..

02/12/10  07:53pm


Carpet Blood Ball
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  Message To: Phoenix23   In reference to Message Id: 2122827


i think that is a little to big, i would go with a 40 or even a 55 gallon tank first. but like i said that is my opinion. i do think though like said that it is a little to big for a young carpet.

02/12/10  11:31pm


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  Message To: Carpet Blood Ball   In reference to Message Id: 2122890


If you provide a snake with enough hides, too big isn’t a problem. You are going to have to have a lot of hides and a lot of cover for that big of a tank. Branches and fake plants can give you a lot of cover, and you can make hides out of almost anything (pots, plastic containers, store-bought hides). If you give him/her plenty of places to hide and feel secure, the cage will be alright.

02/28/10  03:38am

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