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 Caiman not eating properly

So i got a hatchling caiman from backwater reptiles last march and ever since he has had very strange eating habits and im wondering if something is wrong. First of all, he is vicious to the point that i cant even feed him. I understand that caimans are not tame and not meant to be handled, but let me explain. Every time i go to the tank with food to feed him, he grunts and hisses at me and bears his teeth, but will not take the food from my tweezers. Once i approach him with the food up close, he will usually takes the food, but it seems like he is attacking, not eating. He holds the food in his mouth and wont eat it for over a half hour, at which time he usually swims in the water and eats. The only other way to feed him is to leave the food (Pinkie mice) on the land area of his tank over night and hope it is gone in the morning.
The reason i am concerned is because all the videos i watch of baby caimans eating show caimans smelling or seeing the food enter the tank and actively pursuing a meal, something that my caiman does not do. I am worried that something is wrong, not to mention i would enjoy watching my caiman eat.

One more strange thing about him, if anyone even walks past the tank, he grunts and hisses loudly, very vicious. Is this normal?

Any educated advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated

01/13/15  04:20pm


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 Caiman not eating properly

The behavior I would say is normal as they are camians and kinda look like tiny crocs but they are known for there nasty attitudes and doing serious damage. Do you give him a varied diet?? I never heard of a tamed camian but if I did I would say its 100% sick. My adult water monitor hisses and thrashs at the tank when strangers walk by as well to the point he broke the plexi glass one day. Every indiviual will have a different attitude but I can’t say the same for camains,crocs or gators in my opinion.

01/13/15  09:39pm

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