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Stinkbait75   Takahiro111  

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 Rubbermaid caiman enclosure

I have a cuviers dwarf caiman I got him at very small and he has began to grow I have him in a 40 breeder (36x18). Would it be a good idea to use a large Rubbermaid tub (43x21) as an enclosure? Of course I would make my own screen lid for it.

10/04/14  09:26am


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  Message To: Stinkbait75   In reference to Message Id: 2310182

 Rubbermaid caiman enclosure

I don’t think a rubber maid is suitable so I would stick with the tank until you plan to upgrade. When my water monitor was younger a rubbermaid container was his water dish lol...I just don’t think their suited for this lizard unless its a leo because camains need half land and water and a container isn’t letting that happen.

10/04/14  01:06pm

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