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 Cuviers caimen questions

I am considering purchasing a cuvier’s dwarf caiman . I have kept many reptile now and in the past from snakes to monitors and I do realize the potential for serious injury a caiman can inflict. I have researched on line and have spoken to several people on the subject but everybody seems to have a different answer.

1. how long ( max ) can I reasonably expect ?

2. Handling procedures once it gets bigger, would heavy elbow length leather gloves provide reasonable protection in the event a mistake was made and I got bit. ( I realize there might be broken fingers and bruising and I am more concerned about missing body parts or lacerations.

3. Growth rate on a adequate diet ( no excess feeding or feeding for show and would have it on a schedule.)

4. I have a 200 gallon tank 7ft x 2.5 ft tank in which I would start the caiman out in. How long would that enclosure be good for ? ( I will be purchasing a hatchling) once it got bigger I would either build it an outside heated enclosure or get another smaller caiman ( I already have someone to take it if it gets to big and I decide not to build a bigger enclosure.

5. with training and careful handling what kind of temperament can I expect or is possible.

6. do they develop a feeding response like snakes will when fed in cage. Or does it not really matter.

I have always wanted a alligator since i was a kid but can not have one for various reasons and a caiman is the next best thing. I am 40 y/o and have a lot of experience with reptiles. Money time and housing the animal is not an issue. I would like to hear from other people that have caimans and get some pointers and advise. I have not made my decision yet on weather to get one. I want one real bad but I need to make sure I do the rite thing even if it means I don’t get one.

03/25/14  01:32pm

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