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Concepcion   Cassielehman  

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 Aging caiman


I have a Spectacled Caiman that would be 25 years old this November. He has been in ill health lately and under my care along with the advice and two visits to a young, willling vet who has a specialty in avians and reptiles.

Do you know what the most recent concensus on longevity in captivity is? There seems to be a wide variety of opinions out there. When I got him more than 24 years ago the thinking was 40 - 60 years or more. I will gladly share my experiences and his symptoms.

My sincere thanks! He may not make it much longer and we go way back... : (

07/22/13  02:54pm


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  Message To: Concepcion   In reference to Message Id: 2299846

 Aging caiman

have there been any changed in diet or enviorment? how has he been acting and for how long?

07/23/13  09:54pm

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