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 Caiman with a blind eye help!!!

i have a baby caiman and he wont eat anything i give him he has been given cooked meat and turkey but nothing for two days!any advise?he also has a grayish,blurry eye i thougt it was closed but then i realized he had the other one open, i really need help its an emergency i really want to take care of him propertly!

12/27/12  05:38pm


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  Message To: Caimanrock12   In reference to Message Id: 2288353

 Caiman with a blind eye help!!!

check your temps. its starting to get cold out (at least where i live)

01/01/13  10:19am


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  Message To: Chameleon_man   In reference to Message Id: 2288620

 Caiman with a blind eye help!!!

Please dont feed him cooked meat, only whole prey items. You should be feeding him f/t mice, insects, crawfish, shrimp, smelt ect. Generally caiman are more shy than alligators, if you are sitting watching him there is a good chance he will be too frightened to eat, just leave his prey item near the edge of the water and he should eat it. One thing that may help spark his feeding response is to give him live insects, the movement of them should get him to eat, ive had good luch with various roaches. Also dont handle him until he begins feeding regularly. Make sure the temps are correct, you may want to even boost his water temp up to 85 until he begins eating. As for the eye you should take him into a vet to get it checked out, make sure you are dechlorinating his water, the chlorine can have a negative effect on their eyesight. It would also be a good idea to get him "wormed", he could possibly have parasites which are preventing him from eating. Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions.

01/11/13  04:27pm

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