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I am about to get a cuvier’s dwarf caiman and want some pic of adult and some advise, and please don’t tell me not to get one. i will get it rather way so there is no point :-) I have had large snake and other reptiles so I know how most works. I have read a l LOT about them but want to talk to some owners.

05/26/12  09:44pm


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I have had my Cuvier’s Dwarf Female for about two years now. It is completely Different from snakes. I’m not going to tell you not to get one. I hate when people criticize if you are not experienced or have never owned one. Do they not realize, everyone has to start from the beginning. Here is what I can tell you. There isn’t much information on these guys. I don’t know why, but Me and my husband are in the process of growing ours and once they reach maturity we will breed them. We have been keeping up with all of the process to help future owners. Neither one we have had since a baby, so I’m not any help with that, but we just added are 24inch male to our family and we have had our 33 inch female for two years now. I would recommend a baby. I have had a lot better experience with our little guy already and we haven’t had him long. From a baby, you will learn his moves, he will become much more comfortable with you from what Ive seen with my friends babies. You will grow with him, in strength in catching him, feeding etc. and knowledge on the species. You will be able to, of course not predict, they are unpredictable, but come pretty darn close to learning how they react to different situations which will help you "predict" there next move. They are such amazing pets. My goal is to one day have a tame caiman. Our little guy is getting there in just the short time we have had him! My secret is to sit and watch TV with him lol simple. I don’t tape his mouth, at only 24 inches his bite isn’t bad. Being that he is younger, his teeth are sharper, so you will bleed a lot, but there is no pain to it. It will scare the crap out of you though. Now, are female. She can do some damage. Take a finger, without even trying. The pure strength of her thrashing is incredible. Another thing, there scutes are sharp. They hurt sometimes when your holding them and they thrash around, but that doesn’t really happen till there older, we don’t have that problem with our little guy. Feeding is the part that I enjoy so much, but really get let down on. Being that our female was already older when we got her, It took her a while to even let my husband be around just for her to put the food in her mouth. Rarely she will eat it in front of him. If i am in the room, she will not even take it, she hides in the bottom of her pond. The Cuvier’s is very shy when it comes to eating. Not so much when they are babies. It will be a lot easier, once they are older, if you teach them from babies, to eat out of a plate. Live prey will escape so frozen thawed or freshly bonked is best. Hand feeding is cool, but like i said, think future. It will be much easier to put in a plate. You cannot house one in a tank. that is just cruel. No matter how size the tank is. They need Outside air, sun the ground. It is much healther for them. Our little guy came from the wild, and is still adjusting to captivity. Even with being in an outside pond and all he still is adjusting to being fed infront of us but is still a lot better then our female. In time, since he is younger than when we got our female, he will learn to eat with us being there. I hope this helps a little and if you have any specific questions for us, we will do our best to answer them.

08/02/12  02:29am

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