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Tbone21   Snake master pat  

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 Dwarf caiman identification

i am going to be going to another expo in august and am going to take a water monitor and boa to trade for one or two dwarf caimans. My questions are what are the ways to tell a plap from a trig ( I want palps)? And can they be sexed at hatchling size? I know when they get bigger it is easier. I know the responsibility and attitude of caimans before anyone goes on a rant. I already own a four foot pure bred spec caiman and yes they will be housed separately...

07/13/11  01:22pm


Snake master pat
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  Message To: Tbone21   In reference to Message Id: 2228836

 Dwarf caiman identification

hey man, Iv been digging a lot in t dwarf Caiman’s and Identification lately due to a intern position i will be doing very soon! Apparently the only difference in identification is on the pelvic area of the animal. Assuming you are referring to:Paleosuchus palpebrosus and P. Trigonatus.
please correct me if I am wrong!

04/22/12  04:36am

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