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 HElp please!!!!

Today i started a new trimester in school and when i went to my biology class i noticed that the teacher had gotten a speckled caiman. The bad part is that it is in only a 55 gallon fish tank and can barley turn around it reallly has to work to do it. Also i dont know much about caimans but i would think it needs some sort of lighting or heat and some dry land to go on correct me if im wrong. The cage the caiman is in has neither of those, and i talked to the teacher and asked about the situation and he said he just couldnt affod a bigger tank but the thing looks so miserable i dont know what to do. By the way im only 15 and i can not afford to buy a new cage for it or take it in( i have not idea what to do for caimens and i think it would be for a more expeireenced reptile keeper who is older) If anyone has a suggestion on what to do or if there is even anything i can do it would be greatly appreciated.

sorry about the terrible punctuation and spelling.

12/06/10  07:52pm


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  Message To: Herp<3   In reference to Message Id: 2191384

 Answer to small cage problem

i think you should tell the teacher if she cant afford a bigger tank then obviously she wont have anough money to care for the thing. so i would tell her to return it or maybe go to e-bay because you could find cheap used tanks. im not a professional or anything but that is what i suggest.

12/13/10  04:56pm


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  Message To: Lizzylover8   In reference to Message Id: 2192533

 Answer to small cage problem

you can get a light fixture and bulb at home depot for like $20 bucks tell him and you can just stack rocks or bricks in there for land at least its a start. The other problem is most schools i know get cold at night (no people no heat needed) I own a 3 foot spec caiman (no expert) but he is already in 5 foot round pond with land all around. Soon to be bigger. Not much you can do but those are two cheap things you can suggest to help it out a little.

12/13/10  09:24pm

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