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 Spectacled caiman problem (Urgent!)

Hello everyone, I am writing to because of the lack of an exotic pet veterinarian in my country (Greece), I have searched but not found a vet specialized in crocodians.

I am the owner of a 3 year old (2 feet) spectacled caiman in a 2 by 5 feet eclosure (half water, half land) with a temperature of 28 Celcius in both. He has not been fed properly for the last year (only sardene) and spends very little on no time in the basking spot. For the past 3 months his diet has been better, as he eats 2 mice per week.

He has been showing a strange behavior for the last 2 days. After I handled him (the last time was 1.5 year ago) to clean his tank, he has been showing signs of instability, and spending a lot of time underwater due to stress I suppose. He has a difficult time stepping on his left "hand" and "leg" and is using mostly the claws to move on the underwater surface and cannot go on land because of this.

Could this behavior be due to the stress I caused him, or a different reason? From my little experience, I can sense that he is in a bad condition, (for the first time, yesterday he did not eat). Your advise would be really much appreciated, thank you in advance!

Best Regards

10/24/10  01:24pm


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  Message To: Minws13   In reference to Message Id: 2183090

 Spectacled caiman problem (Urgent!)

Does he have a UVB?

10/25/10  12:15pm


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  Message To: X-BOX   In reference to Message Id: 2183349

 Spectacled caiman problem (Urgent!)

but he never gets out of the water during the day. Does that mean he’s not getting the proper radiation?
Is it a solution to leave the uvb and spot lamps working during the night in case it gets out, or will it cause a night-day confusion?

10/26/10  05:34am


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  Message To: Minws13   In reference to Message Id: 2183568

 Spectacled caiman problem (Urgent!)

Uv is not need with propper car and that will cause stress cause they like to come out when it’s dark.

10/27/10  12:16pm


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  Message To: Tbone21   In reference to Message Id: 2183906

 Spectacled caiman problem (Urgent!)

Proper car? What kind? The Ferrari is quite a popular sports car in Europe. Yet, I do not see how a Ferrari will help with that Caiman.

11/03/10  03:19pm

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