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 Dwarf Caiman Legality Question

Hello all. I have had some years experience with reptiles, and I am looking forward to a new challenge with a dwarf caiman. I have room and the resources to build roughly a 10 x 10 pond right now for one. I have read up on them, and I have no intention on them being "friendly" like most people think. My biggest question is are they legal to own without permits in new york state(14905 zip code). I looked on the nys website for wildlife regulations, but found really nothing. I also can’t find the number for my local area. Let me know if any of you can answer this question for me. Thanks.


07/18/10  02:16pm


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  Message To: Jjaneski94   In reference to Message Id: 2163312

 Dwarf Caiman Legality Question

I am pretty sure they are illegal in Ny but not positive you might be able to keep them with a permit... not 100% though. Try also posting this question on kingsnake

07/19/10  10:19am


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  Message To: Tbone21   In reference to Message Id: 2163458

 Dwarf Caiman Legality Question


no, crocodilians are baned from all of new england I am quite sure which is reatarded

08/21/10  01:15am


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  Message To: KimboSliceEatsCats   In reference to Message Id: 2170678

 Dwarf Caiman Legality Question

lol im not sure check with you local fish and game

10/05/10  05:18am

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