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 Caiman acting weird need help.

Hi there. I need some help. I have a Paleosuchus Palpebrosus who is nearly 3yrs old and about two feet in length. He in currently housed in an aquarium measuring 4ft x 3ft x 30”tall. He has always been a water caiman very rarely going on land. I have heat lights, UVB bulb and water heater. His water is around 80F like it has always been and air temp varies from lower to hotter at basking spot. All water chemistry like ammonia and nitrites are zero.

My problem with him is that on Monday I cleaned his tank out and when I put him back into his enclosure he was fine. He was fine Tuesday morning as well. When I returned home that night about 8:00pm he started what I can only describe as panicking. He jumped out of his water on to his land then across the tank and back a couple of times. He than stayed on land the rest of the night and into the next morning and throughout the day into the night. He spent all day on land Wednesday. Today (Thursday) I removed some water from his tank and placed him in the water and at this moment he is still in the water. He has also been wiggling/wagging his tail a lot. But what worries me is that he did not eat last night. Well I am worried about all the weird behavior but not eating is worries me the most. It is only one day and he can go a few days without eating but since I got him he has never refused food. He eats three times a week. One time some chicken, another day beef (not ground beef good quality beef) and last a fuzzie rat.

Okay thanks for reading and any suggestions would be great. If you need anymore info just ask. It maybe nothing but I maybe something. I will keep all posted if things change. Thanks again for reading and any help you may have.

05/06/10  01:39pm

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