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 Mazuri crocodilian diet

I am thinking about getting some of this to try with my spectacled caiman. My reasoning is that my spectacled caiman is a very secretive eater which makes feeding time a pain in my but lol. When I give him feeder fish he will swim around and eat them off the surface which gives me hope he will eat it. What are peoples opinions on it? I have read all good things exept it can make a mess in the pond. My other question is where is the best place to get a couple pounds to try? I know the main mazuri site cells big bags but I want to make sure it will eat it. One other question is that he is about 2.5 feet long do I get the smaller pellets for hatchling to 3 feet or get the bigger ones for crocs 3 feet and bigger? All opinions welcome.....

12/23/09  05:24pm

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